Rooster Parade

CSULB's OLLI Program - Summer Watercolor Painting Class

This week, the OLLI class painted a handsome rooster. The students incorporated several techniques we've been practicing, including wet-on-wet backgrounds, softening, using different consistencies and drybrush.   Here are the students' fantastic works! 

Artist: Gail Schmoller
Artist: Dolores Jaunzemis
Artist: Diane Moos
Artist: Janis Kleinberg
Artist: Deb Albrecht
Artist: Tillie Mead
Artist: Susan Wise
Artist: Sally Arabian
Artist: Kathy Dadorian
Artist: Marilyn Austin
Artist: Wendy Brown
Artist: Ginny Cusenza
Artist: Shelley Arnold
Artist: Lana Yelen
Artist: Geri Eckner
Artist: Christine Libeu

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